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In today’s healthcare landscape, your hospital laboratory needs to perform accurately and efficiently to positively impact patient care. The quality of your results is critically important, but so is your laboratory profitability and compliance, that’s why McSARPONG MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES brings to your door-step the quality laboratory equipment, reagents, supplies and services you need to help improve your laboratory performance, in addition to patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our best solutions are tailor-made to help you meet the challenges of today’s laboratory environment. We help you elevate your laboratory results performance with innovative and best quality guaranteed laboratory equipment and reagents.
We offer a broad portfolio of more than 1000 different best quality products from the top notch and best leading manufacturing brands such as Biobase, Mindray, Siemens and Sysmex. Our experienced, well qualified and professional Laboratory Specialists can help you choose the best products to meet your laboratory needs, whether for a new or existing lab.



For emergency medical services response, quality treatment and timing are everything. Each day, you are in the field providing immediate life-saving, care to patients while under intense pressure. On top of this, you also battle issues unrelated to care, including funding for procurement of best quality emergency equipment, training and the acquisition, allocation and coordination of resources. Just be rest assured that, McSARPONG MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES can give you the best help. We serve the entire spectrum of basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) organizations in EMS, including Hospital Ambulatory Services, offering a wide selection of emergency medical supplies. We can help provide the Emergency Medicine Services products and solutions you need, when you need them so you can focus on what matters most — improved patient outcomes for those you serve.



Every day, you are making a difference in patients’ lives and we want to help make that easier. Let us help you provide the best quality care, improve business performance, better manage your time & expenses and more with our robust suite of services and solutions. When you partner McSARPONG MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, you get access to:More than 1,000 different best quality products in our portfolio A point-of-care testing program that fits your practice’s needs and enables better patient outcomes and real-time data to make better business decisions for your patients and practice the right and best quality medical equipment and diagnostic tools for your patient population. Quick, Reliable and Professional Delivering Services.


Helping deliver better outcomes in our communities

Community Health Centers (CHC) mostly have the challenge of providing the best care possible for the under-served population. Whether your center is treating chronic medical conditions, substance abuse or mental health, improving patient outcomes is the main goal. With service to over 500 community health centers nationwide, we’ll help your center stay ahead of what’s next. Get fast and accurate best lab results and create a patient care plan during patient visits with reliable and best quality in-office lab testing
Monitor your clients Vital Signs in the best possible way,Improve diabetic quality measures with simple and affordable diabetic retinopathy screening at the point of care



As government entities deal with constantly changing healthcare requirements, it can be challenging to deliver quality care while remaining compliant. To successfully navigate public sector healthcare, you need cost-effective medical products without sacrificing best quality – and the best support to back those products up. We can help make things easier. Our team understands the needs of government facilities because we support healthcare procurement at the local, state and federal levels. We will deliver the right best products and resources so you can focus on what’s most important – operating seamlessly and providing the best quality care. As a leading national distributor of medical and surgical supplies and equipment for government professionals in the Ghana, and throughout Africa, our product catalog includes everything government entities need, from medical-surgical products, laboratory supplies and equipment to medical disposables.

Delivering Results Through Operational Excellence

McSARPONG MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Government Solutions was built to exceed government contract compliance and product standards. We do so by assisting our government customers in their efforts to improve operations and increase efficiency. Our dedicated, government-specific sales, customer service and operations teams have the shared expertise to support the unique needs of public-sector healthcare.



When your employees depend on you, count on us. Keeping your workforce productive starts with keeping your employees healthy. To do that, you need a reliable and experienced medical supplier with the expertise, resources and best quality products to support you. Get the best solutions you need so you can focus on what you do best – managing the health and wellness of your employees.
We will help you with Occupational health supplies, Biometric screening supplies
Medical equipment, Emergency preparedness, Solutions to help with clinic setups, order management, supplies inventory, healthcare training and so much more.

Home health


With the pressures of today’s healthcare environment, it’s important to have an ally that can help you stay focused on providing best quality home healthcare. We work to understand your daily challenges so that together, we can develop the best customized plan to address your clinical support needs. From specialized distribution services to clinical resources and online education, we have the suite of solutions to help keep your agency running smoothly. Plus, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of the best quality medical and surgical products, including incontinence, nutrition, feeding supplies and advanced wound care, to further support your home health agency and its clinical staff in providing patient care.