CTG Machine

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Cardiotocography Machine ( CTG) Machine

eM8 Plus Fetal monitor can implement FHR, TOCO, MFM, AFM monitoring. which can provide reference data for clinical use,All the parameters with valuable significance are important clinical indexes for the identification of maternal circulatory system’s disturbance and fetal hypoxia. Application: Mainly used in Hospital or Clini, the Monitor can detect fetal situation like fetal distress,fetal hypoxia (low oxygen levels in the fetus) in time, which will reduce the risk of fetal damage or death because of not reversed or not promptly delivered.




● Compact and ergonomic design with handle

● 8-inch color high-brightness TFT LED display

● Concealed probe holder Simple

● Functional keys and knob provide various shortcuts to achieve functions for clinical use

● Support fast printing of stored trend

● Support external laser printer(option) Smart

● Three-level acousto-optic alarm on abnormal FHR

● FHR signal strength prompt

● Cross-Channel Verification (CCV)

● Support alarm review Accurate

● 12-Crystal ultrasound transducer

● Signal strength indicator Connectivity

● Wired or wireless connection

● Optional Support HL7 (Health Level Seven) Powerful

● Support operation with mouse and computer keyboard (option)

● Support storage of 25000 groups of medical record and 12000 hours trend review

● NST Timer / Fetal Movement Profile (FMP)

● Heart rate offset mode

● 4-type Auto CTG analysis report: Advanced Fischer / Fischer / NST / KREBS

● Exporting CTG data & analysis in PDF format for EMR connectivity by USB memory



Ultrasound (FHR)

● Measure method: Wide beam pulse doppler

● FHR Measurement range: 30 to 240 bpm (US Standard) 50 to 210 bpm (Europe Standard)

● Accuracy: ±1 bpm

● Intensity: <3 mW/cm2

● Ultrasound frequency: 1MHz±3%, 2 / 2.5 / 3MHz can be customized

● Resolution: 1 bpm TOCO

● Measurement method: Strain gauge sensor element

● Measure range: 0 ~ 100 units

● Resolution: 1 unit

● Nonlinear deviation : ≤±8%

● Baseline setting: 0,5,10,15, 20 can be selected

● Auto offset correction, Auto zero adjust Fetal Movement Recording

● Automatic fetal movement (AFM): pulsed doppler ultrasound

● Automatic fetal movement autograph ● Manual fetal movement marker (MFM) Alarm

● Level: Low, medium and high, message ● Indication: Auditory, Visual, Delay of FHR Alarm Input & Output

● Standard: Touch pad

● Option: USB Mouse / Keyboard

● USB port for patient data/Auto CTG analysis backup

● USB port for external laser printer ● Laser printer interface System Output & Extensible Interface

● Ethernet Network: standard RJ45 socket *1

● USB Port * 1 ● HDMI port (option) * 1 Display

● 8″ color TFT LED ● Resolution: 800*600 pixels Battery (Built-in)

● Type: Rechargeable lithium battery

● Charge Cycle: ≥500 times

● Working time: 2 hours (optional larger battery for 4-5 hours)

Recorder (Built-in)

● Method: Thermal printer

● Paper: Z-fold, thermosensitive

● Paper width: 112 mm (4.41 in)

● Printing speed: 1/2/3cm/min

● Trace: Max. 4 tracks

● Recording way: Real-time Recording & Review Printing Safety

● IEC60601-1 Approved, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC

● With reference to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU recasting Power Supply

● Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60HZ

● Adapter: Output 9VDC, 5A Standard Configuration: Twin Function with Dual FHR, Fetal Acoustic Simulator, Wall-mount, Trolley, Touch Screen, HL7 Interface, Central Monitoring Station, Waterproof for FHR Probe & TOCO Probe, USB Mouse / Keyboard, HDMI, Large Capacity Battery



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