Bi-level BiPAP Machine

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Why is Bi-level BiPAP More Comfortable?

Double level means double airway pressure, can set higher pressure and lower expiratory pressure. The bi level BiPAP is a more comprehensive dual airway pressure ventilator, which can be set with a higher inspiratory pressure and a lower expiratory pressure, respectively. The machine provides a higher inspiratory pressure when the patient is inhaling To keep the airway open, provide low exhalation pressure when exhaling to ensure that the patient’s breathing is smooth


Mainly applicable to the following conditions

1.Difficulty breathing, 

2.OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea)

3.CSA (Central sleep apnea)

4.MSA (mixed sleep apnea)

5.COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Moderate to mild respiratory failure, pulmonary function, respiratory insufficiency, severe sleep respiratory syndrome


Product Spcecification

Model: OLV-B19

Display: 3.5’’ TFT LCD

Mode: CPAP, S , T , S/T

Pressure: 4-25CM H2O

Belex(1-3 level): 2-4cmH2O

Ramp: 0-60min


Automatic Leakage Compensation: Yes

Automatic Altitude Adjustable: Yes

Automatic ON/OFF: Yes

USB Download to PC: Yes

Sound Pressure Level: <30dBA



BIPAP Machine Product  Features

  1. 3.5”TFT LCD display with easy operation.
  2. Interactive operation interface is available. Back-lighting function allow night operation.
  3. Fashionable design with fine piano lacquer, convenient for wipe.
  4. Respiratory waveform & quality waveform display can achieve real time monitoring of CPAP
  5. Ultra silent design & Delay time step up design.
  6. The portable machine adopts imported movement technology, capable of constant heating.
  7. Bipap machine is working to achieve human-computer synchronization.



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